daikon* zine is a platform for the writing and art of women, non-binary and all trans people in the Southeast and East Asian diaspora.

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Oral migration histories of the 1989 democracy protests and Tiananmen Massacre


This year will mark the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre, also known euphemistically as the June Fourth Incident or in Chinese, simply, 六四 [June Fourth]. Thirty years ago, a large series of student-led protests in Beijing and Shanghai, which had been growing since the mid-1980s, were suppressed when the government declared martial law and sent in armed troops to disperse the crowds.

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2018 Year in Review


Thank you to everyone who has supported daikon in 2018 – whether that's attending one of our launches, coming to one of our socials, or buying a copy of the magazine, we're so grateful to be able to create and build solidarity with our communities.

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Learning to Unlearn


A reflection on relocation, self-discovery, and a process of questioning one's gender and racial identity.

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Queer / Trans Survey


For daikon's third issue in Autumn 2017, we put an open call on Tumblr for explorations on the theme of gender and sexuality.

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Watch an electrifying film piece from Qigemu about movement, hybridity, and fluidity.

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Anti-blackness in Asian communities


CW racism, anti-blackness, blackface.

In light of racist media on China's Spring Gala TV show: a list of resources about anti-blackness in China, and in the Asian diasporas.

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Call For Submissions


For daikon* issue #5 we invite you to respond to the theme ‘migration stories’. How do borders and moving across borders shape our lives, identities, and communities?

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