daikon* is a zine by and for South East and East Asian people of marginalised genders in the diaspora.

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Against 'Hate Crime'


on resisting the framing of racist attacks as 'hate crimes' and refusing complicity with the police

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Summer Rolls


A play by Tuyet Do gracefully tackles the traumas and contradictions of migration

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2018 Year in Review


Thank you to everyone who has supported daikon in 2018 – whether that's attending one of our launches, coming to one of our socials, or buying a copy of the magazine, we're so grateful to be able to create and build solidarity with our communities.

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Learning to Unlearn


A reflection on relocation, self-discovery, and a process of questioning one's gender and racial identity.

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Queer / Trans Survey


For daikon's third issue in Autumn 2017, we put an open call on Tumblr for explorations on the theme of gender and sexuality.

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Watch an electrifying film piece from Qigemu about movement, hybridity, and fluidity.

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Call For Submissions


For daikon* issue #5 we invite you to respond to the theme ‘migration stories’. How do borders and moving across borders shape our lives, identities, and communities?

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