Workshops, panels and events:
Block printing/banner making workshop at Dalston Solidarity Cafe event on the UK-France border (February 2023)
Community risograph workshop series, Our Place is Here project (Spring 2022)
Hear Our Voices report and zine launch (November 2021)
Hear Our Voices workshop series, with migrant workers from Kanlungan (Spring 2021)
Portrait drawing online workshop series (Spring 2021)
Portrait drawing online workshop series (Summer 2020)
Screen-printing workshop, DIY Space for London (January 2020)
People, Places and Zines, Free Word, London (November 2019)
Zine-making workshop, Stop the Arms Fair, London (September 2019)
Activating Newham workshops, London (August 2019 - October 2019)
By Any Zines Necessary, Freedom Bookshop, London (August 2019)
Seen Zine, London Centre for Book Arts (July 2019)
Queer Futures workshop, CuTie.BIPoC Festival, Berlin (July 2019)
Queer Futures workshop Queer Qandi Fest, Cambridge (June 2019)
Glasgow Zine Fest, Glasgow (April 2019)
Beyond Borders Activist Fair, Battersea Arts Centre, London (March 2019)
Zine-making workshop, Leaders in Community, London (March 2019)
Art, Archive & Activism, Cambridge BME Society (March 2019)
Conversations & Collaborations, Newham Word Festival (March 2019)
Contesting British Chinese Culture, London (November 2018)
Creative Resistance zine workshop, Asia Triennial, Manchester (October 2018)
Over Here Zine Fest, Manchester (October 2018)
Strange Perfume, Manchester (October 2018)
Diaspora Disco, Hackney (October 2018)
Books Peckham x DIY Space For London (September 2018)
Deport Deprive Extradite night, Rich Mix, London (September 2018)
We Need to Talk, National Theatre (September 2018)
FEM Festival, RAW Labs, London (August 2018)
Queercore: A Celebration of Outsider Pride, London (August 2018)
The Power of Being a QTIPOC in the Creative Industries, Our Space Leeds (August 2018)
London Radical Bookfair, Goldsmiths University (June 2018)
Northwest Zine Fest, Manchester (May 2018)
St. Hilda’s Zine Fair, Oxford (February 2018)
DIY Art Market, Dalston (February 2018)
V&A Museum Friday Late: Sino Flux, London (November 2017)
TEDxUCLwomen, University College London (November 2017)
Zine World, Rabbits Road Press, London (March 2017)

Publications and media:
Folds and Staples: When DIY Publishing Makes a Community, Asian-American Writers' Workshop (November 2018)
daikon*, a zine by East and South East Asian creatives, launches new issue, gal-dem (August 2018)
Daikon* zine celebrates Southeast and East Asian voices, STACK Magazine (March 2018)
7 Modern Day Zine Makers on Empowerment, Resistance, and the Post-Internet Zine Renaissance, The Hundreds (February 2018)
This zine is all about East and Southeast Asian Identity, gal-dem (January 2018)
Daikon* Is a Zine for Underrepresented Asian Voices, Vice (October 2017)
Bang Bang Bang De Qiao Men Sheng Episode 23, SOAS Radio (August 2017)