daikon* statement on open letter from 83 BAME and migrant organisations against IHRA guidelines


In response to the debate on the potential adoption by the Labour Party and other public bodies of the International Holocaust Remembrance Association’s (IHRA) guidelines on defining anti-semitism, daikon* stands in solidarity with 83 BAME and migrant organisations in opposing current attempts to silence a public discussion of the expulsion of the Palestinian people from their territory in 1948, and the continued human rights abuses inflicted upon this community.

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Anti-blackness in Asian communities


CW racism, anti-blackness, blackface.

In light of racist media on China's Spring Gala TV show: a list of resources about anti-blackness in China, and in the Asian diasporas.

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Call For Submissions


For daikon* issue #5 we invite you to respond to the theme ‘migration stories’. How do borders and moving across borders shape our lives, identities, and communities?

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