Issue 3


  • Queer/Trans Survey

  • shuang

    Words by Minying Huang
    Art by
    Hanna Stephens
  • Letter to My Younger Self

    Words by Jess Kumwongpin-Barnes
    Art by
    Hanna Stephens
  • Queerness and Dating Shows

    Words by Mal Butler
    Art by
    Jade Chao
  • On Loving Whilst Filipino

    Words by Izzy Capulong
  • My Queer Asian Friends

    Words by Jon Bellebono
  • Outward Expression in Cohesion with Internal Landscapes

    Words by Saeng-Fah Graham
    Art by
    Hanna Stephens
  • The Unspoken Thing

    Words by Molly J
  • Fragment; +/-

    Words by Erica Lindberg
    Art by
    Erica Lindberg
  • Extracts from the first and last messages (the moment I said goodbye)

  • The South East Asian/Mixed-Race/Non-binary Experience

    Words by Phoebe Ashley-Norman, Beany Ashley-Norman
  • 4 Odes to 4 Queers

    Words by April Lin
  • Meditations on Femmeness

    Words by Isabella Normark
    Art by
    Hanna Stephens