Issue 2


  • Solidarity

    Art by
    Louise Helmfrid
  • A Solidarity of Care

    Words by Isabella Normark
  • Why Political Blackness is no longer useful to us, and what comes next

    Words by Jess Routley
    Art by
    Hanna Stephens
  • I’m not an Asian girl, Not yet a white woman

    Words by Erica Lindberg
  • Decentre Japan

    Words by Hanna Stephens, Kei Terashi
  • SPAM(TM) - Solidarity for Pacific Asian Mateys

    Words by Kei Terashi
    Art by
    Jess Routley
  • Chinese people: We can do better

    Words by Jun Pang
  • A poem for International Women’s Day

    Words by Rosie Rosenberg
    Art by
    Louise Helmfrid