Issue 4


  • Dinner Table

    Words by Jiawen P
    Art by
    Vivien Chan
  • The Haunt of Hunger

    Words by Jae Hyun Sul
    Art by
    Sri McKinnon
  • One Person Pad Thai Recipe (To Eat When Homesick or Hungry)

    Words by Jess Kumwongpin-Barnes
    Art by
    Laila Ho
  • Love Letter in Lotus Leaves

    Words by Nina Powles
    Art by
    Jade Chao
  • Styrofoam Love Poem

    Words by Nina Powles
  • Recipes

    Words by Jeng Au
    Art by
    Kin Au
  • Sai Mun Zai

    Words by Kaitlin Chan
  • A Recipe for Chicken Tinola

    Words by Leah Pritchard
    Art by
    Jess Szu-Jun Chen
  • Something Saccharine

    Words by Joanna Lee
  • Hunger / Feed / Heritage

    Words by Sally Lin
    Art by
    Jeng Au
  • Fried Carrot Cake

    Words by Wuon-Gean Ho
  • Ode

    Words by Minying Huang
  • Across The Table: researching identity through food

    Words by Vivien Chan
  • Food As Language

    Words by Sophie Cooper
  • Malaysia, Truly Asia

    Words by Nicole Fong

    Words by Casey Duong
    Art by
    Mel Lou
  • Green Papaya Fish Soup

    Words by Jun Pang
  • Gendering the preparation and consumption of food by unravelling the myth of domestic Korean men

    Words by Jessie Yoon
  • Ve Wong Sesame Chicken Noodles looked so healthy before its passing..

    Words by Asuka Lin
  • Eating With Jade

    Words by Hanna Stephens
    Art by
    Jess Xuan
  • Daikon for Strength

    Words by Claire Takami Siljedahl
    Art by
    Claire's mum
  • Budaejjigae

    Words by Jemma Paek
    Art by
    Hyunha Lim
  • Recipe for a broken-hearted british- japanese girl, or: how to love nihonshoku again

    Words by Miz Penner-Hashimoto
  • Untitled Still Life

    Words by Hanna Stephens
  • Anti-Food Porn

    Words by Tatyana Jinto Rutherston
  • A Som Tam recipe for diasporics

    Words by Isabella Normark
  • laksa, lakča, loksha, lokshyna, luksh or loksh

    Words by Rebecca Choong Wilkins 钟碧琪
    Art by
    Katherine Shapiro
  • What’s inappropriate about appropriation?

    Words by Kay Stephens
  • April<3 Bokchoi

    Words by April Lin
    Art by
    Jasmine Lin
  • The Science of Agak-agak

    Words by Mei Ling Routley
  • Have You Eaten?

    Words by Jess Routley